Data-Magnum has covered the world time zones by having companies in US, Europe, and India. Specifically, Data-Magnum offers to be a “nearshore” service provider for Europe and North America and provides resources on-site to the clients in Europe and US as and when required. Data-Magnum proposes the “offshore / nearshore” arm for your company in and around your software development & maintenance needs. Data-Magnum promises that its IT services would reduce customers’ costs without compromising on quality. Please contact us for a detailed presentation about our software services.


Here is the gist of five main aspects of Data Magnum’s "Extended Teams!" Please let us know of the next steps!

  • Time Zone Advantage (Near-Shore),
  • Cost advantage (nearly 50% reduction),
  • Language Gap (Translation Assistant if needed),
  • Quicker Time to Market (Hiring / onboarding agility)
  • Elastic Loads ( easy to increase or decrease).

Data Magnum has embarked on helping enterprises address some of the issues in Software development and maintenance using our unique offering called “Extended Teams” ( Your Team Member Available by Video and On Your Time-zone, remotely !). We already have some customers in Europe and US using our services and taking huge advantage of costs and agility. This is mainly to help the resource crunch at the moment due to low unemployment rate and very strict immigration rules.

Some of the highlights of Extended Teams are as following:

  • Designed around the need for resources (both temp & long-term) in the current times of low-unemployment rates and tougher immigration.
  • Have hand-picked directly (by customer) offshore resources as “Extended Team” connected through Video and mostly working along with you in CUSTOMER TIME ZONE - featuring “Sharable White Board” for effective collaboration!
  • Workers in the same time zone of yours to give “nearshore” experience.
  • Sensitive to customer cost needs - on-shore / off-shore model - Elastic model as one can start small and pick up as needed.
  • No minimum guarantees - No “system-wise” commitments - No long term “locking-in”.
  • Our specialization – Business Systems (like SAP, Salesforce, Oracle, Data Engineering and Data Science), or any custom web & mobile app / product development
  • However, broadly we are into Tech Resources’ support - “You bring the Technology and we bring the People! “
  • Please see the movie files shown below regarding our services in SAP and Salesforce..
  • Data Magnum SAP Services
  • Data Magnum Salesforce Services