Maximize the power of MuleSoft with Data-Magnum!


As a MuleSoft Implementer, Data-Magnum helps your integration goals and enjoy seamless connectivity of your systems with Mulesoft.

With its extensive experience in data engineering and integration of applications and systems, Data-Magnum will help you implement, enhance, or maintain your Mulesoft assets. In addition, we have certified experts with expansive MuleSoft knowledge and varied process expertise. Data-Magnum brings forth extensive experience with many business processes and best practices in implementing integration. Data-Magnum will work with you to strategize, implement, and maintain your Mulesoft installations, keeping your challenges and goals in mind to transform your vision into reality.

Data-Magnum will help you understand the value of Mulesoft by answering some of your queries as follows.

  • Why Mulesoft?
  • What does make MuleSoft stand out from the rest of the tools?
  • What is the Anypoint Platform?
  • What are the main components of the Anypoint Platform?
  • What are the different types of the Anypoint Platform's deployment options?
  • How do licensing and subscriptions work?
  • Can MuleSoft be used for ETL in addition to integration management?

The MuleSoft's Anypoint Platform brings a unified, sole solution for iPaaS and full life-cycle API management for all your integration needs. The Anypoint Platform consists of the following major components:

  • Anypoint Security,
  • Anypoint Design center,
  • Anypoint Management center,
  • Anypoint Exchange,
  • Runtime engine & services,
  • API-led connectivity,
  • Application Network,
  • DataWeave.