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Is 2016 the Year of AI

January 6, 2016

Summary: Can AI take its victory lap in 2016? A lot depends on what you call AI and whether the consumer can perceive it.

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How to Raise a (Data) Scientist in the Xbox Age

December 28, 2015

Summary: How will we convince our children to consider data science as a career? And what will data science be like if they make that choice?

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Predicting the Future

December 21, 2015

Summary: If you’re looking for a high growth, high demand area in data science where there is very high value and not many expert practitioners, look at time series forecasting.

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Now That You’ve Gone Swimming in the Data Lake – Then What?

December 09, 2015

Summary: What happens after you make those critical discoveries in the Data Lake and need to make that new data and its insights operational?